What You Need To Decorate The Casino Themed Room?

You want to hold back the mood of the world famous poker guide in your home. You can do that very easily. It may be you are very much interested in the casino and gambling and want to renovate one of the rooms of the home just as the way of the real casino.

To turn the ordinary home that was left vacant for years into the dazzling casino room you have to use your creative ideas and some material to make over the room into a casino room.

At first buy paints from the shop. You must buy the paints of deeper shades like red, green and black. Black is the most suitable for the room to give it the idea of the casino room. In the real casinos darkness predominates the whole area. So you too get that mood in the room.

Then look about the lighting arrangement. Decorate the whole room with the neon bulbs. You can call the local electrician to take advice. Put the neon signs on the walls so that they may give you the real casino mood.

Do not put any clock on the wall as there are no wall clock in the casinos. Gather some card boards of good quality. Then cut out different shapes of the roulette table, blackjack table and hang them on the wall. You can cover the floor with the help of the floor carpets. You will get this in the shops that sell different household decoration items.

If you have an old but good quality table of medium size then turn it into a poker table. Cover the whole table with the felt cloth, tucked the sides very nicely so that there will be no wrinkle on the floor of the table.

Collect some good quality cards and poker chips as without these two no casino room will be able to complete. With help of the card boards cut out different shapes like heart, diamonds, spade queens and kings, then paste them with good quality adhesive on the different angle of the room and also on the ceiling of the room. Keep some table games and card games too play among the friends.

Now whenever your friend will come that will really admire the room and also ask you how you have turned it into a colorful gaming place.

Hope this article was interesting for you. Good luck!