Roulette How To Win

Good evening, beloved friends and professional roulette gamblers now I would like to explain you about what I mean when I’m telling that when you are studying the roulette, there are two ways in which you study the roulette. Now this sequence, as you can see here – it’s one sequence, so this from here with this kind of numbers. Now the second sequence is this one alright. So this is the second sequence and we will focus on the first sequence to understand better what I’m talking about here.

You see the last 14 spins, so we start with 14, 10, 23, 31, 27 and so on. Alright, now, when we are playing at roulette, we gather information, so I just made it for you. 14. I counted. 14.

10. I counted for a 10, so I just made the counts. What numbers has come and what numbers did not come now? Here you want to know something what we were gon na talk inside DVD anatomy of red, because roulette has just made a mistake. So you don’t know what mistakes has made.

But fault of this mistake: roulette will gon na play a group of numbers, but what kind of group of numbers we will talk inside DVD anatomy of lat, but only from these 14 last 14 spins. I know exactly what numbers we’ll play I know so in the DVD anatomy of roulette 5,000 euro, you will know what must to be played after all right now. This is the calculations made with the last 14 spins to the first sequence. But what about?

If we talk about the second sequence, alright, so the second sequence has been this sequence because, as you can see here, the table is different than the first sequence. So, as you can see here, roulette again has made a mistake. Alright, for you, it’s very hard to understand what mistakes roulette makes because you didn’t study for 16 years, roulette as I studied, but for me it’s obvious what it will gon na play the next spin palace casino, because only for this information, what I’m seeing here, I know Exactly what it will play so again, what will play we will talk inside DVD anatomy of roulette beloved friends? I am not only a master at roulette.

I’Ve created professional roulette gamblers for 5 years now there are so many students who makes tons of money all over the world with my secrets. They are so good. They send me screenshots with money made. They send me testimonials inside my programs, the video not only over. Let you will see in real time students how they are playing and how they are studying and winning at Roulette. I’M not talking here in the wind, I’m talking real facts that I know to be roulette.

I know what means the first sequence and the second sequence. I know everything about roulette. This is why I became millionaire fault of life. I’Ve made more than seven hundred thousand euros from roulette all right and you can make money from roulette most of my money.

I’Ve invested in luxury apartments, but imagine what can you do if you make one hundred thousand seventy thousand two hundred thousand euro per year? Just imagine how much money you can make, even if you make one hundred thousand euros per year, because in the beginning you need to struggle a little bit, you need to practice a little bit. You need to understand how the mechanism works so because of that you need to play on low budget alright. So maybe you will gon na play with 150 euros, but of course, when you will become a VIP gambler, you will gon na play on ten thousand euro.

When you were gon na play in VIP with more money, you were gon na make tons of money, because this is where you need to be to become a VIP gambler. Now VIP. You don’t come from one day to a second day, because you need to practice. My friends is like in a sport, any sport you are doing. You need to make a practice.

First, you need to understand how it works, but after three months or six months, when you are a casual gambler, you become a VIP gambler. Now, here is where you make the money in VIP, because when you are dealing to playing with ten twenty thousand euros there, you will gon na make ten thousand twenty thousand euro in one session, even nine thousand euro. If you are making in one session, imagine that there are minimum ten sessions per month, so you we talk about hundreds of thousands of euros, but this is after a few months or a few years, because you cannot start playing on ten thousand euro from beginning. You need to see and study first, my secrets, but it’s so simple guys, because I’ve made simple now you see not, there are not so many on the internet who knows to beat red. There are so many scammers they are not showing themselves. Most of that is their work with casinos.

They promote casinos. So it’s very hard for you to find somebody which is a really roulette professional gambler. But you don’t have nothing to accuse me because I’m showing my face, you see me in more than 500 videos on YouTube. I really help people when I give to my students, it’s exactly what I’m doing on real roulette. So what I give it to you is the same secret, which I use to beat roulette. So this is why you will gon na be to let my friends but first you need to start with low and after you will go with much more money.

You need to do that. You need to understand that, and this is only by practice. Alright, you start with low budget and you grow, and you rise the budget when you see that you are good and you start to make the real money in VIP so hope that you have understand something about what I’m teaching you here. It’S enough 14 spins to have a data about the roulette. Roulette makes a huge mistake, and I know what mistakes roulette makes it’s very simple, it’s very easy, but about that we were gon na talk inside members area. Let me helping you, because I am the only one on the internet with showing himself and who really have the knowledge to explaining you about roulette, good luck and we talk inside members area.