Esports CS:GO: Bootcamp interview



I am with Kenny “KennyS” Schrub, sniper, longtime friend, and… yeah, quite a good sniper if I dare, with some good reflexes, and a jerk in everyday life! I’m with Nathan Schmitt, called “NBK”, a pillar of French gaming stage, a very good support. CS is the best eSport game and roulette is the best online casino game to me, because… it’s the most impressive game to watch, it’s not very repetitive, there’s always something happening.

Everything can happen during each round, for 1min30, there are amazing team moves, amazing individual moves.. On CS, the thing is that we never know when it’s gonna happen, and it can happen like each 5 seconds for a whole match, and that’s why it’s awesome. It’s a very easy game to understand, according to me, it increases, and… CS will never die! (shox)!

(SmithZz): That was baaaad! We’re lucky you’re not salesman, you couldn’t sell anything, bro! Well, for DreamHack Austin, we look at least for finals.

(SmithZz): Aim Top 1, it will be a first tournament participation, so Top 1. And if we end Top 2, we won’t be disappointed. We hope to.. show that we know how to play Counter-Strike, and we’ll gain 1st place. At least a final, yeah, we don’t plan to go to the United States to lose group stage… Winning a Major in 2017… Honestly, that’s our target.

(KennyS): We created this team to be as competitive as possible, so the Major is in our firing line, yep! Theoretically, if it’s the same scheme than last year, there will only be 1 last Major, in mid-July, and it’s gonna be -in theory- our team powerspike. (apEX): The aim of every CS player is to win a Major, there’s no DreamHack or something else any more. The Major, just the most important of all competitions.

I wish we can at least pass through groupstages, winning at least 2 matchs of Major. The Major arena for goupstages will be huge, so… if we miss this arena, we would never forgive ourselves. My HyperX favorite stuff is….

Cloud II headset, if I’m right. Mere, sober, efficient.. Great value.. Stylish! I would have said exactly the same.

To me, it is… HyperX Cloud II, the former headset. I find it absolutely perfect, on every aspect. So yep, without any hesitation!

Same here, Cloud II headset for me. Coldzera or FalleN? FalleN Coldzera FalleN I don’t know. No clue.. Too hard! Ow sh*t, this one is hard! Well, FalleN… Coldzera CSS or CSGO?

CSGO CSGO CSGO! CSGO a thousand times! CSGO What’s the..? CSS seriously? CSGO!

Hey everyone, thanks for watching ’til the end! Thanks for following us every time, on every match, to write some kind or less kind messages, it’s alright! Even if we read every message, we gloss over the nasty ones to focus on the kind ones.

First of all, thanks to everyone supporting us and following us every day! Because it means a lot to us, and don’t forget that… without this presence, we wouldn’t be much.