Casino Themed Wedding Favors

Casino in Las Vegas, or wedding theme is a popular choice for many couples, and requires a lot of fun wedding favors. Here are some ideas for wedding favors, Las Vegas style casino, the elegant shops, many schools offer for versions of poker, or a chip. They often come in different colors and can be personalized with your names and wedding date, create your own casino in the process! You can also find bookmarks and keychains with fries and even spiders.

Playing cards: a card game alone can seem like a lot of donations, to control the eyelids, which can be covered custom or unusual, or can be printed on the back of the photos that are unusual packages. Also look for a map of bookmarks and key chains, hats, coasters, magnets and candles. But I must say that the letters could be considered as hosts for a break, and the wedding reception of fun! Says: You can set the dice to find, usually in two, and perhaps unique. You can also find printed on the dice in favor of the boxes you can put chocolate chips or nuts in the chocolate! Check the issue of nuts bottle stoppers, bookmarks, trinket boxes, pallets, and keychains.

Chocolate: The chocolate on the theme of the casino is in the form of dice, tokens, cards and envelopes printed for the casino bars and sweets. Slot machines, why not give your guests a sweet slot and let them play their ideas for the wedding to others! are paying a dollar sign housing / cover, Las Vegas, mints, pens, card, match boxes, custom boxes Lucky 7 bag. Dice cufflinks, wine glass charms, roulette, mini keychains, glasses and candles. Why not add your casino theme with a roulette table or poker at the reception to greet your guests, hire a James Bond lookalike to mingle with your guests and be photographed with him. Martini serve your wedding cocktail – shaken not stirred!