Best new mobile slots issued November 2016

Hello and welcome to our November 2016 edition featuring the best new mobile slots to play all this month. As always links to all the slots listed are in the description below, but without any further delay. Let’s take a look at what you should be playing this month at the Mobile casinos.

M fortune: Bake me a winner out now

M fortune bringing out yet another bonus, packed slot which is exclusive to their one-of-a-kind mobile casino, which you can enjoy throughout all of November. Bake me a winner is a cookery themed slot, which comes with two bonus rounds, a free spins mode and even a progressive jackpot. If you manage to spin up five jackpot symbols, as with every M fortune release, it also comes with a special promotion where you can earn thirty three spins on the slot.

When you make a three pound mobile deposit, whilst playing combine that with M fortunes free five pounds cash when you sign up – and it gives you up to 80 free spins to start playing with and winning cash on right away,

Dragon’s by¬†micro gaming

Second of November, jumping In for early November, microgaming’s new dragons slot flies in to deliver a charming slot, packed with a free spins round to write home about players can choose from four wild features to play during their free spins round. You get ten free spins as standard, but on top of that can also enjoy winning wilds. These are sticky wilds that remain on the reels throughout the whole free spins mode, flaming wilds will throw five wild randomly on to the reels frosty wilds freezes, whatever wilds are spun onto the slot for an additional spin and finally stashed wilds, where any walls that have Been spun during the free spins round are stored up and then thrown onto the reels in one go to unlock a potentially huge win. Dragons is available to play at all micro gaming licensed casinos from the second November onwards. Here is the full collection of reviews on Dragonz slot.

Netent: Warlords: crystals of power

24Th November later on in November, players can look forward to yet another big release from net and, as with all that, hunt releases, warlords crystals of power is packed to the brim with bonus rounds which continue to innovate on almost every element of the slot. Warlords offers players an extensive range of random features, which includes three different wild features and three separate scatter features. Wild symbols will be subject to one of three random events which could bring all wild smashed on to the reels three wild slash diagonally across the slot.

All three wilds added randomly across all the reels of the slot. Spinning scatter symbols will unlock a choice of three random battle modes. If you battle as the samurai, you get five free spins and three sticky whiles the Barbarian battle mode gives you an additional spin where you can win as many as nine free spins and finally, the priestess battle mode can give you seven free spins and an additional Multiplier that every scatter symbol you spin when triggering that bonus round. Heres is link to Warlords: crystals of power reviews.

If you enjoy net n slots, then you will not be disappointed by their new November release warlords crystals of power, that’s all for our November new slots. Roundup, we’ll see you again in December with our selection of the best christmas slots, but until then enjoy these new games and we look forward to seeing you next time.